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Property Management

Property Management

Let us rent your home or multiplex and free up your time.

Let us Manage Your Rental

If you happen to own a piece of property, commercial or residential, it is crucial that it is managed well. Whether your concern is your delinquency rate or overseeing of the property, it is essential that you know the facts in order to secure good tenants and to ensure your property's condition. A property is a lifelong investment both financially and emotionally. If you are too busy to manage your properties on your own, you have the option of hiring a professional property management company to take care of your property.  A professional property management company not only helps in managing your property but also acts as portfolio manager. Your property management oversight should contain actions such as:

Successful marketing of the property on approx. 200 websites

  • Properly screening prospective tenants

  • Extensive and inclusive contracts to extinguish debate

  • Proper checklists to document property condition

  • Diligent follow up on any delinquent payers

  • Keeping a tab on tenants

  • Regular internal/external inspections

  • Smooth everyday functioning and 24-hour maintenance

To ensure that your property is visible to target renters/buyers it is critical that there is an advertising plan in place. The advertising plan should be able to attract and make sure a steady supply of good quality tenants. Our system feeds to over 200 rental websites giving you the best opportunity to find quality tenants quickly.


We aggressively screen our tenants using local, state, national background, court view, credit and eviction checks. We have time and money into developing sophisticated contracts. This has allowed us to remove any ambiguity in most situations. It outlines clear expectations of the tenant and owner. It is also a critical element into retaining good tenants. Our system also tracks all our tenant’s payments through their personal portal that they are also able to pay for free
online. It is important to us to take steps to minimalize our delinquency rate. With proper screening, clear expectations and diligent follow up this is accomplished. We currently run less than a 5% delinquency rate.


Lastly, the property needs to stay well maintained and appealing for future tenants who might be interested in the property. We conduct drive-by inspections anytime we are in the area and regular interior inspections every 4 months. To ensure your property is being treated with respect and functioning properly, we hire the very best maintenance service providers. We will make certain that these maintenance service providers are fairly priced and reliable, as well as licensed and bonded for hire end jobs in an effort to protect your asset. We provide a tenant portal so tenants can comment on any concerns or make immediate maintenance requests. This allows for a well-documented and timely place to communicate with the tenants through email or text that is recorded on their portal. Reporting about your property to you is of prime importance as you need to be aware at all times about the status of your property. You will receive a monthly statement of your account through your owner portal, so you always know what's coming and going. With our highly reputable computer program, you will be able to log in anytime as owner and see any of your statements. If you are needing to do updates to your property you also can put money on your owner's account for bigger ticket items so we can pay the vendors for record-keeping purposes. This is an owner portal that you can access anytime. Our company has spent time and money to bring you the best service. We have hired professional property management consultants, attend national property management classes/conferences, and hold bi-weekly property management meetings to discuss best practices. We take the job and your property seriously.


Overall, if you decide to use NextHome Arctic Sun as your property management company you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

Property Manager

Realtor Licensed

in State of Alaska


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Property Manager

Realtor Licensed

in State of Alaska


Moving House


It was my first time renting last year and the property manager Toni B. made the process effortlessly easy for me. The apartment I got was well priced for what it was and if we ever needed maintenance putting the work order through the online portal and calling Toni on her phone were both just as fast.

These guys were GREAT! I used them for help with managing my rental for almost 1 years as well as helped me sell it when I was ready!

They dealt with some really tricky situations for me with my tenants and really made my experience being a rental owner pleasant!

Definitely use NextHome for all your real estate needs!!! Caitlin Causey is your go too!

Caitlin was absolutely the best to work with. She is very responsive and knows how to handle all of the situations that can come up while having a rental property. I would not hesitate to use her to rent out any of my future properties.

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